100 Men Who Care Lower Columbia Donate $8,500 to Cowlitz County FISH

Join us Friday for the check presentation!
October 3, 2017
January 25, 2018

Monday December 18th 2017 LONGVIEW- The local chapter of the 100 Men Who Care, will be presenting more than $8,500.00 (Eighty Five Hundred Dollars) in funds raised to Cowlitz County FISH during a presentation Thursday December 21st at 12pm at the Lower Columbia Community Action Program at 1526 Commerce Avenue in Longview, WA (2nd floor conference room) .  Participating and contributing men, the public and media are invited to attend this ceremonial event at noon Thursday.

“We are happy to present our ceremonial check to FISH of Cowlitz County, a check for $8,500” said Jeff Wilson, “our 4th and final quarterly fundraising event of 2017 was a tremendous success thanks to the generosity of the men of Cowlitz County and their donations.” “The Monticello Hotel was a fantastic host of our December 6th event.”

“Cowlitz County FISH enables people to get food, fill prescriptions, see a dentist, pay overdue water or PUD bills, buy boots or clothing required to start a new job or fill a variety of other needs,” said Howard Sharples.

“Cowlitz County FISH has no “means test”””, said Pat Palmer, “people are not required to document their need. Volunteers trust callers who say they need help. That’s why FISH can provide help immediately.”

The group of men raised more than $8,500.00 with thousands donated immediately the night of the event and according to the organizers more donations continued to come in from those who attended, and from individuals who were not able to attend the event and additional pledges and contributions from inspired community members.  Altogether so far, the group has raised $8,500.00, closing in on their $10,000.00 goal for the event and close to $40,000 for the year.

“We are so incredibly thankful for the outpouring of support,” said Mike Wallin, “and we welcome additional men to join us now with a contribution to FISH of Cowlitz County.”

Donations are made payable directly to FISH of Cowlitz County and the men suggest that any interested community members donate directly to FISH of Cowlitz County if they choose.

 “We would welcome additional contributions to Cowlitz County FISH,” said Lonnie Knowles, “Any man, or any other person or group, who would like to join us in supporting FISH is welcome and encouraged to do so.”

The 100 Men Who Care next fundraising event is already in the planning stages and nominations for prospective charities is open now. Check the website for more information. Interested men are welcome to help with the planning of the next event.

“The next meeting of the 100 Men Who Care will be Wednesday March 7th said Jason Meunier. “We ask men to register online now, nominations for eligible charities is now open.”

The local chapter which is called “100 Men Who Care Lower Columbia Chapter” has a website up at www.100mwcLowerColumbia.com and a Facebook page at www.facebook.com/100menwhocarelowercolumbia The 100 Men’s group is the first of its kind for Men in Washington State.

 “Our online presence is going to be the best place for people to learn more, register and nominate their favorite charities,” said Russ Meder.

For media inquiries please contact Mike Wallin at 360-560-3636

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