100 Men Who Care next quarterly event Wed June 14th

Local Men to present more than Thirteen Thousand Dollars in funds raised to the Community House on Broadway Wednesday
March 27, 2017
June 2017 Charities Nominated by 100+ Men Who Care
June 9, 2017

Wednesday May 31st 2017 LONGVIEW- The local chapter of the 100 Men Who Care, following in the footsteps of local women who started a chapter of 100 Women Who Care earlier this year, are planning their second quarterly Charity Event, and nominations are now open.

The next event is set for Wednesday June 14th at the Longview Eagles at 1526 12th Avenue in Longview. All participants and interested parties are asked to arrive by 5:45PM. The meeting will begin at 6:00PM Nominations are now open for eligible local charities online at www.100mwcLowerColumbia.com

“Following the awesome success of our first event it’s even more fun to be planning our second event, and we can’t wait to get the guys back together again” said Jeff Wilson, one of the five organizers of the 100 Men Who Care Chapter. “We’re excited to see our group grow and provide even more donations to our community.”

“We were so inspired by the leadership shown by the ladies group, that we felt compelled to follow their lead and their success,” said Lonnie Knowles.

Knowles, Russ Meder, Jason Meunier, Mike Wallin, and Wilson have been working together to start-up the local chapter. The group raised more than $13,000 for the Community House on Broadway at their first event in March of this year.

“The number of individuals in our community who come together to support local charities constantly amazes me” said Jason Meunier, “to be associated with such a great cause for so little investment really opens up the opportunity for everyone to help make a difference.”

“It’s a social event, it’s a fundraising event, it’s a true community love story,” said Wallin.

The concept is simple. One hundred or more men will join together four times per year to raise money for local charities. Each member commits to donating one hundred dollars to four charities throughout the year. Charities are nominated by the members and the members then vote which charities to support at each quarterly meeting. The goal is to raise ten thousand dollars or more per quarter for local charities.

“Our purpose is so simple,” said Lonnie Knowles, “One hundred plus men committed to contributing one hundred dollars four times a year to local charities”

The 100 Men Who Care Lower Columbia Chapter” has a website up at www.100mwcLowerColumbia.com and a Facebook page at www.facebook.com/100menwhocarelowercolumbia

“Right now we’re asking interested men to visit our website and register with us and LIKE our Facebook page” said Russ Meder, “our online presence is going to be the best place for people to learn more.”

Nominations are now open to registered members on the website; nominations will close Wednesday June 7th, one week prior to the event on Wednesday June 14th.

For media inquiries please contact Mike Wallin at 360-560-3636

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