100 Men RevAmped Rules Sept 19th 6pm at Mill City

100 Men RevAmped
September 17, 2018
100 men Who Care- *SANTA EDITION* Dec 12th @ Historic Monticello Hotel 6 pm
October 26, 2018

1.Leave all politics outside before you come in.

2.Bring check or cash if need be of  $100 or more 🙂

3.Put Smile on and enter. Check in and receive your nomination and prize ticket ( extra ticket for valid member bringing a guest)

4.Happily  get a refreshment and converse.

5. Snack should  be available (if you are interested in full meal , this can be purchased only before or after, no food servers will be in meeting room, bartender only)GREAT FOOD

presentations should begin at 6:30 (make certain to ask the questions you want to know, don’t be shy because Im sure its something we all want to know, so be vocal, but polite.

when your vote is done, we will go and collect, at collection time you will receive a gift that makes you one of us 🙂

we will start calling  door prizes

when we are finished counting votes, you will write your check of $100 or more for the most voted charity.

We will collect and at that time have the Large check presentation.

please stay for this as this will be hystorical.

Thank you for being a part of our group and helping our community!

This makes you a Rockstar by the way.

*Members Door Prizes Sept 19th

*beer growlersNew 100 Men shirt
100 Men TShirt

*2 Tickets for next Columbia theatre event  (donated by Columbia Theatre)

*gift certificate for Riverwoods Chiropractic  (donated by Harold West)

*gift certificate for lunch (donated by Bruce Pollock bi -coastal radio)

3 Rivers Golf, 4 people, 18holes, 2 carts

$50 gift cert – Teri’s Steakhouse

$25 – Hop and Grape gift card

 *Gift Cert for Dana’s Classy Hair in Woodland.

 *Gift Cert for Flower shop in Woodland

please thank Trina and the Mill City Staff for letting us use their facility

See you soon!

6PM Mill City Wed 19th




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